About Me

Punith R Kashi

Interested in agriculture mainly in arecanut market and as a son of award winning agriculturist, I find it interesting to learn more about agriculture and how the market for different agriculture products change over time. After having a discussion with my father and lot of other agriculturists all around India, and collecting their pain points mainly hearing about their pain points on selling their commodity for the right price, I found that giving right tools to farmers showing how each market for a commodity is, strengthens the decision making capability of farmers and also helps them analyse the market and sell their commodities for a better price.

With the help of all the open source data on mandi market I was able to pull valuable information daily for farmers about the price for each commodity at each market/mandi. This helps farmers to know the country wide price changes for their commodity and helps in making better decisions on when to sell and at what price to sell.

If you have any questions please contact punithrkashi@gmail.com and I will follow up within a day on your queries.