Cotton Prices In Raichur

F 1054 Variety

Maximum Price : ₹7,900(+₹0▲)
7 Day: +₹0▲ 15 Day: -₹100▼

Average Price : ₹7,500(-₹100▼)
7 Day: +₹100▲ 15 Day: +₹0▲

Raichur Market - 18/04/2024

VarietyMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price
F 1054₹6,900₹7,900₹7,500
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F 1054 Prices - 18/04/2024

MarketMin PriceMax PriceAvg Price
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Mandi General Info


APMC Rajendra Gunj, Raichur-584102 E-mail Apmcraichur@rediffmail Com Apmcraichur@rediffmail Com


08532-235306; 235291

Mandi Administration

Is Regulated?


Regulation Year


Is Elected?


Chairman Name

Sharath B

Chairman Address

Adminstrator Deputy Commissor Raichur

Chairman Phone


Secretary Name

K Raghupathi Bhat

Secretary Address

Addl Director Secretary APMC, Rajendra Gunj, Raichur-584102

Secretary Phone



K Raghupathi Bhat

Incharge Address

Secretary APMC, Rajendra Gunj, Raichur-584102

Incharge Phone


Market Holidays

All Sundays Every Amavasya And Govt Holidays

Market Hours

10.00 AM to 5.30 PM

Commodity Information

Karnataka state mandis traded 3 varieties of Cotton across 4 markets.
Varieties of Cotton that are traded in today's market in Karnataka are: Varalakshmi Ginned, G C H and F 1054. Markets that traded these varieties are Chitradurga, Kottur, Raichur and Savanur mandis.

F 1054 Details in Raichur

Raichur, a prominent cotton-growing region in Karnataka, India, has witnessed the emergence of a revolutionary variety of cotton known as F1054. This variety has been a game-changer in the region's cotton industry, offering numerous benefits to farmers and contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of the agricultural sector. Let's explore the key features and advantages of the F1054 variety in Raichur.

High Yield Potential:
One of the standout characteristics of the F1054 variety is its remarkable yield potential. Farmers in Raichur have observed significantly higher cotton yields compared to traditional varieties, resulting in increased profitability and improved livelihoods. The F1054 variety's ability to produce a bountiful harvest has transformed the cotton landscape in Raichur, making it a sought-after choice among local farmers.

Drought Tolerance:
Raichur's semi-arid climate presents challenges to cotton cultivation due to periodic water scarcity. However, the F1054 variety has proven its resilience by displaying excellent drought tolerance. It requires comparatively less water than other varieties, making it well-suited for the climatic conditions prevalent in Raichur. This advantage has helped farmers mitigate risks associated with water availability and establish a more sustainable cotton cultivation system.

Pest and Disease Resistance:
Cotton crops are susceptible to various pests and diseases that can significantly impact yields and quality. The F1054 variety has demonstrated a high level of resistance against common cotton pests and diseases prevalent in Raichur. This natural resistance reduces the reliance on chemical pesticides, leading to reduced production costs and promoting environmentally friendly farming practices.

Fiber Quality:
The F1054 variety is known for its superior fiber quality, making it highly desirable in the textile industry. The cotton fibers exhibit excellent length, strength, and fineness, ensuring premium quality textiles and garments. This attribute has elevated the reputation of Raichur's cotton in the market, attracting buyers who seek high-quality raw materials for textile production.

Market Demand and Profitability:
The exceptional characteristics of the F1054 variety have resulted in increased market demand for Raichur's cotton. Textile mills and manufacturers value the high-quality fiber, leading to better prices for farmers and improved profitability. This has positively impacted the economic well-being of cotton growers in Raichur, contributing to the overall growth of the region's agricultural sector.

In conclusion, the F1054 variety has transformed cotton cultivation in Raichur, empowering farmers with higher yields, drought tolerance, pest resistance, and superior fiber quality. Its introduction has bolstered the region's cotton industry, ensuring sustainable farming practices and enhancing the economic prosperity of the farming community. With the F1054 variety, Raichur continues to strengthen its position as a key player in India's cotton sector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the highest market price of F 1054 in Raichur today?
- The highest market price of F 1054 in Raichur is ₹7,900 per quintal on 18 Apr 2024

2. What is the lowest market price of F 1054 in Raichur today?
- The lowest market price of F 1054 in Raichur is ₹6,900 per quintal on 18 Apr 2024

3. What is the average market price of F 1054 in Raichur today?
- The average market price of F 1054 in Raichur is ₹7,500 per quintal on 18 Apr 2024